Most Interesting Custom Semi Trucks On The Planet

Custom semi trucks fall into two main genres. First, semis can be customized to haul unusual loads or effectively handle unusual terrain. Second, custom semis can be an eye-catching marketing tool. 

Essentially, semi trucks can be turned into moving billboards to promote brand recognition.  Also, custom semis can be just plain awesome.  Instead of driving a plain commercial vehicle, you could drive a movable work of art.  Make trucking more fun by attracting attention and taking photographs.  Instead of being a millionaire philanthropist, you could be a benevolent trucker who strives to make many different family road trips more memorable.  Custom semi trucks are a broad genre, and you have to see most of them to believe what work they can accomplish or how much positive attention they can attract.

Video clip introduction for custom work semis

Some of the most interesting custom semis were customized almost purely for practical purposes.  The video clip below highlights extreme trucks that have been cleverly customized to get the job done across the wilds of North America: 

Some highlights include the following:

  • Semi customized to drive through a deep river
  • Semis customized to haul a tank across tough terrain and other awkward or oversized loads
  • Semi customized to haul oversized mining equipment through city streets with an innovative flatbed
  • Semi customized to haul and deliver a crane to a densely populated area
  • Some semi drivers with insane driving skills


As seen in the video, driving one of these semis is not the same as a typical 18-wheeler.

Video clip introduction for custom semis used for advertising

This YouTube clip shows some of the most unique and eye-catching custom semis and other commercial vehicles.  Plus, the theme music is outstanding.

A few clever marketing schemes to notice include the following:

  • Custom paint to make it look like FedEx is delivering UPS trucks (love the irony)
  • Duracell batteries painted on the back of a truck (electric powered?)
  • Flames on a UPS delivery truck
  • Moving Tip #32, “Don’t pack dog and cat in same box” will get the attention of pet owners in need of a moving company

*Note: Disregard the pictures of trucks in obvious disrepair; mammal-powered trucks are generally not street-legal in the United States with the exception of some modified Amish buggies.


Custom semis can offer a lot more than a cooler interior or spiffy new paint job.  When thought about in a less conventional way, custom semis can act as an effective marketing tool while getting a necessary job done. 

Advantages of custom semis

A big problem with many clever billboards is that they are positioned so that people either cannot clearly see the message on them or cannot clearly remember necessary information, such as how to spell a company name or contact information.  Plus, semi drivers often want to send the right message to observers and potential customers by driving a truck that does not look in total disrepair.  Chipped paint and other issues with body damage can make potential customers look elsewhere.  As long as you need to keep your commercial semi in good condition, you might as well take a creative approach to marketing by customizing your semi. 

The clear advantage of semis customized for functionality is pretty obvious.  No semi driver wants to get stuck in the wilds of Northern Canada with a multi-million dollar load because the semi is not capable of forging through a river.  Similarly, common inclement weather conditions and street layouts must be accounted for with the use of clever semis and customized trailers.  There is little point to delivering a multi-ton load several miles away from the delivery site.  No matter what their primary uses are, custom semi trucks give an opportunity for business owners to combine form and function. 

How to get your own customized semi

Buying a pre-customized semi truck is almost a Catch-22.  Instead, focus on buying a new or used semi after connecting with a reputable company that customizes semi trucks.   One example of a company that specializes in customizing semis is Triple R Diesel.  Work with a company that has experience in many different types of niche semi customization, bodywork, and detailing.  It can also be helpful to work with a marketing expert or graphic designer to make sure your message is eye-catching and memorable.  Or, you can simply customize your rig to make it look really cool.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to drive a vehicle that looks better and is more comfortable. 

Purchasing a customized (or customizable) semi online

Look for many of the same things and in many of the same places when purchasing a used custom semi that you would look for when purchasing almost any used vehicle.  The online marketplace can provide great opportunities to acquire a unique and interesting semi for an affordable price.  It is strongly recommended that you pick up the semi and inspect it in person before providing payment.  Many eBay listings only offer options for local pickup, and sites such as Craigslist can connect sellers with interested buyers.  Keep in mind that you could easily travel to a different state for local pickup as long as the seller is okay with the idea.  As a rule of thumb, refrain from wiring large amounts of money to unknown people online, and always walk away if a potential seller asks you to transfer money to a third party as a personal favor. 

Takeaway points for potential owners of custom semi trucks

There are a number of reasons why an individual or a business would want to invest in custom semi trucks.  Many custom semis are difficult to truly understand until you have seen pictures or a video clip of the semis in action.  Some important takeaway points are as follows:

  • Have a clear idea of why you want to customize your semi
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Make all purchases wisely
  • When driving oversized loads in North America, be as skilled as the drivers and crew in the first video



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